Secret To Finding True Love Discovered, And It Sucks

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If you're single, you probably have an idea in your head of what Mr. (or Ms.) Right is like. According to, ahem, a certain UK newspaper, female subscribers to the site have a wish list of over 20 characteristics, which, when culled together, add up to the perfect man. Who is this dreamboat? He's at least 5'10', dark-haired, handsome, with blue eyes, his own property, has a university degree and a silver Mercedes, doesn't smoke, likes pets, is clean-shaven, loves movies, hates football and has never been married. Writer Tanya Gold admits that she has already tried a slew of Imperfect Men: gay, fat, married, etc. So she decided to try for some Perfect Men; guys who fit the criteria set up by the 40,000 women on the dating site. Guess what? She didn't like any of them; and none of them liked her. So what's the secret formula to finding true love?


Scientific American turns to Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, who explains that while lust is driven by testosterone, and commitment fueled by vasopressin and oxytocin, infatuation taps the dopamine system. Thus the obsession, mood swings and intense desire. The key, Pinker says, is to find someone infatuated with you, and not someone who meets your "perfect" checklist. Dr. Pinker doesn't advise women of what to do when they tend to attract homeless, unemployed or otherwise unsuitable trolls, as Ms. Gold (and yours truly!) seem to. What if the person who thinks you're The One is someone think is Mr. Wrong?

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Anyone who has a "perfect" checklist is asking for a lot of disappointment.