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Second Underage Woman Named In Never-Ending Berlusconi Probe

Illustration for article titled Second Underage Woman Named In Never-Ending Berlusconi Probe

Prosecutors have named another underage girl in their case against Silvio Berlusconi — but he says he was away on nights when she allegedly stayed at his house.


According to CNN, court documents submitted Wednesday allege that in addition to the now-famous Ruby Heartstealer, a young woman named Iris Berardi also stayed at Berlusconi's house. The documents put her at his place in Sardegna on November 21, 2009, and in Milan on December 13, 2009, when she was not quite 18. However, the Italian government's website says Berlusconi wasn't home on those nights — in November he was in Qatar, and in December he was in the hospital, recovering after a man attacked him with a model cathedral.

It's not clear whether Berlusconi could have altered his travel records on the website (he is the Prime Minister, after all), or whether Berardi also stayed at his house on other nights. It's also not clear whether prosecutors have any evidence that he ever paid Berardi for sex. For procedural reasons, the documents they filed have been sent back and will have to be heard by a new court, meaning the Berlusconi Burlesque will likely continue unabated for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, we eagerly await Ruby Heartstealer's tell-all book, which will surely answer all of our bunga-bunga questions once and for all.


Prosecutors Say 2nd Minor Stayed At Berlusconi's Homes [CNN]

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There are few things more formidable than an outraged, indignant Italian woman. I know this from experience.

Where are they in this conversation?