Sean Penn and James Franco are not gay, but they are playing lovers in a new film about the life of activist Harvey Milk. And there are some pictures! Does anyone else get sort of hot under the collar thinking about those two having 70s-style make out sessions? [Towleroad]

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@JessicaLovejoy: Oh my gosh, bourbon slush is absolutely delicious, and easy. Make 2-3 Cups of STRONG tea (5 teabags), dissolve 1.5 cups of sugar into it. Mix with 2 cups bourbon, 7 cups water, 1 12oz. frozen lemonade concentrate, 1 12oz. frozen orange juice concentrate (like minute-maid or something). Stir together and put in freezer for 24 hours, stirring every once in a while (3-4 times total).

That's it! Serve from a punch bowl (you can pour a little 7-Up over it if you want to), or in old-fashioned glasses. My mother used to make it for her girlfriends when they came over to play cards or Yahtzee, and now I'm doing it too. It's really, really good. Enjoy!