"All politics is marriage." No one actually said that except me, and that was when I was drunk, so I don't know why I wrote that in quotes and it is not as if I am asking to be quoted in some entirely different context saying that in some fancy magazine, but I stand by the original drunk train of thought. All politics is couples who no longer have sex, and if there is one pair of non sex-having companions that can stand up to the coming Martian attacks I think we know who they are. Marriage is getting harder everywhere, as General Ricardo Sanchez inadvertently pointed out when he skewered the administration's (lack of an) Iraq strategy โ€” families in Kabul have resorted to selling their daughters into arranged marraiges starting at age three because everyone's so fucking desperate for cash, while marriage to a post-traumatic veteran turns out to be not much less desperate. Then there's the White House itself, where "on the rare occasions when [Bush] slips into self-pity" over the mess he and Condi and Dick have made of it all, relies on Laura to "snap him out of it." (Yeah, I know, right: Rare? Self-? Sigh.)

But Laura can only be thinking, "Well I could be married to Larry Craig." And Suzanne Craig can only be thinking, "Well I guess I could be married to Judi Giuliani. (In some states anyway!) But Hillary has been through the worst, marriage-wise at least, and worked very very hard, to suppress all of it for the good of our country.

In a similar vein, I am now about to order my fourth drink.

That's Heidi Klum and Seal today, somewhere, thanks to X17.