Screw the Drive-Thru, Burger King Is Now Offering Home Delivery

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It used to be that you had to drive to a fast food restaurant, park your car, and walk all the way inside to order. Then came the advent of the drive-thru, and it became all the more easy to say, yes, in fact, I would like fries with that. And now, finally, the last barrier between you and a giant, gooey manufactured meal has been removed: Burger King will now deliver right to your door.


For the moment, this service is only being tested at a few locations near D.C., but here's how it works:

Residents living within a 10-minute drive of select Burger King locations in Maryland and Virginia can place orders by phone or online and receive deliveries for a $2 fee.


There is also a minimum order of $8 to $10. OK, so a $2 fee cuts down on the value of fast food eating. And, depending on what you order, it could take a lot of food to hit a $10 minimum. But the company says it's been successfully doing delivery in other countries, so maybe they're onto something here. The novelty of having a Whopper delivered right to your door certainly does have some appeal. Who knows, if this takes off and spreads nationwide, we might never have to leave the house again!

Burger King test-drives delivery service [MSNBC]

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Kat Callahan

In Japan, there is this awesome curry chain, Coco's, that you can order through a website and pay cash on delivery. It was amazing, especially if I was terribly TERRIBLY hung over. Roll out of bed, go to website, login, click usual order, press enter, scrounge around for the ¥700, curry arrives in like ten minutes, trade with driver, ???, PROFIT.