Everyone's talking about Nicole Richie's appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman last night. We saw it and for the record, the segment was kind of stupid. Here's our recap: Nicole looked just as thin as she usually does (i.e. she did not look pregnant); kept playing with her ponytail extension; shocked David with some comment about administering enemas in the new season of The Simple Life; and generally smiled her way through the entire interview, much of which involved David asking about Paris Hilton and Nicole's own fears of heading to jail ("Everyone is going," Nicole said. Also: Yes, she's afraid). So thank god we also taped the part of the program that preceded Nicole's appearance: A strangely sweet segment in which David critiqued drawings of himself done by a group of 3rd graders. Maybe, like David, we're getting softer in our old age, but this clip definitely made the day a little more bearable.