Scott Roeder Continues His Campaign Of Hate From Behind Bars

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Scott Roeder, the man accused of assassinating Dr. George Tiller last month, is continuing his hate-filled campaign from his jail cell, mailing out pamphlets praising Paul Hill, who was executed for killing a physician and abortion clinic escort in 1994.


Roeder, who believes Hill is "an American hero" for his actions, has been mailing the pamphlets, which, according to the Associated Press, "include examples of Hill's writings about how the killing of abortion providers is justifiable." Roeder has reportedly been receiving some of the pamphlets from Rev. Donald Spitz of the Army of God, an extremist anti-abortion organization that celebrates individuals such as Hill and Eric Rudolph, who is currently serving two life sentences without parole for a series of terrorist bombings, including the Olympic Park Bombing in Atlanta and two abortion clinic bombings. After being caught, Rudolph justified his crimes as such: "Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified ... in an attempt to stop it."

So why, then, is Scott Roeder, a man accused of an act of domestic terrorism, allowed to correspond with a group that has found itself on the FBIs list of terrorist organizations? According to Sedgwick County Sheriff Robert Hinshaw, "Everyone in this jail has all the constitutional rights, except those I can restrict for the safety and security of the facility." Hinshaw admits, however, that someone has been assigned to read Roeder's mail, and both the FBI and the Justice Department refused to comment on the situation. It's a scary and difficult grey area: even as a prisoner, Roeder is still entitled to his right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. But when just a month ago, Roeder was promising "other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal," when do officials draw the line between expression and the promotion and celebration of domestic terrorism? When will we start viewing the spread of hate-filled information and the glorification of domestic terrorists from our own citizens the same way we view terrorist threats from beyond our borders?

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It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the FBI is simply giving Roeder enough rope to hang himself (and his fellow travelers).