Science Makes It Official: Boys Are Filthy, Covered With Cooties

If you're a lady working in a San Francisco office, congratulations: you're less gross than the rest of us. A new study looked at bacteria in SF, NY, and Tucson offices — on chairs, desktops, phones, computer mice, and keyboards — and found that Bay Area offices are more sanitary than those in the (gross, symbolically worm-infested?) Big Apple.

However, across the country, men's offices have 10 to 20 percent more bacteria than women's.


"It could be men are just bigger - they have bigger mouths and more surface area - but it could also be that men are less hygienic," said an author of the study.

Scientists said most of the bacteria can be traced back to soil (What? We have enough nature in Manhattan to justify more germs?) and to the human mouth and skin and that the findings are not cause for concern. Just cause for saying that boys have more cooties than girls.

Single-Celled Office Mates, by the Thousands [NYT]

Image via Dmitriy Shironosov /Shutterstock.

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