Schweddy Balls

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Ljubomir Erovic, a Serbian medical equipment repairman by day and chef by night, wants to spread his love of eating and cooking testicles. Erovic already helped found the World Testicle Cooking Festival in his hometown near Belgrade and he recently released an e-cookbook titled The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls which includes recipes for preparing and eating various types of animal testicles. Erovic says that testicles have long been considered a delicacy in Serbia and he hopes that the nation will someday be known for its balls instead of its "bombs, sanctions or corruption." [Reuters]



Okay, I can understand eating balls. I can. It's just another body part. I can even understand encouraging others to do this, get them over their epicurian prejudices as it were. However, when you want your country to be known primarily for the fact that it eats balls, you have some sort of creepy fixation and I cannot help you, sir.