According to a (gross) new study, female body odor smells like a variety of savory foods! Read on!

Here's the dirt: a bunch of Swiss scientists analyzed armpit samples from 24 men and 25 women. It seems we smell of onions (men generate a "cheese-like" smell, although, between "cheese" and "onion", onion was found to be less appealing.) Based on this, the team hopes to use its findings to create deodorants that combat these specific smells. Says one scientist, "We could make inhibitors that neutralise the precursors, or block the bacterial enzymes that do the conversion."

We say, why stop there? We'd like to see some complementary smells — say, Steak and Onion! Onion and Garlic! Cheese and Bacon! (And let's not forget fondue!) And seriously, if they're looking to make a buck, it seems like this could be catnip to the whole "eccentric perfume" industry, that gets off on eaux de Funeral Parlors and Laundromats. Heck, Demeter already makes "Tomato" and "Gin and Tonic!" Christopher Brosius, the nose behind Demeter (who describes traditional scents as "a childish masque hiding the timid and unimaginative") counts the cryptic "Walking in the Air" and "Secret History" series amongst his boutique label; could a savory pheromone recipe be far behind?

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