Scarlett Johansson is really actually putting out that album of Tom Waits covers. You don't have to know us to know how we feel would usually feel about this: stabbilicous. That lady has less singing talent than that reaaaaaally spacey (and "spacey" = euphemism) Texan girl from the American Idol auditions who told everyone she was going to sing "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion but then sang "If You Asked Me To," and even I know the difference between those songs, why I am not sure. Anyway. So Scarlett does not deserve a record deal. However this reminded us of a piece of positive ScarJo information that we hadn't shared with you yet that has recently disposed us kindly to her. When she volunteered for the Obama campaign in Iowa a Jezebel reader found herself phone banking with Scarlett. She called people and introduced herself as Scarlett Johansson, a volunteer for the Obama campaign just like everyone else! Photographic evidence after the jump.

"Not very eloquent but seemed really sweet," our reader wrote.

And yeah, if you are wondering, got the same twinge learning that America Ferrerra was stumping for Hillary, even though it's probs because her mom is racist against blacks. (Oh Jesus, KIDDING.)

On days like this we remind ourselves any Democrat would be good right now.

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