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Scarlett Johansson can't really sing. We knew this because it's hard, if you can sing, to sing badly in a convincing manner, especially if you are not that great an actress, but she did all that in Lost In Translation when she sang the Pretenders' Brass In Pocket to Bill Murray. Tom Waits' "Falling Down" is a song more ideally suited to a mediocre voice, and now you can watch the video of it, which is oddly transfixing, I think you'll agree, in that way things are always transfixing when they concern someone you sort of like who you don't feel bad talking shit about because you consider their overabundance of self-regard to be their biggest flaw. Oh look, but there's Salman Rushdie nuzzling her neck, maybe she is truly brilliant and spectacular and destined for greatness and we're just hating. [YouTube]


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Except I liked "Lucky" a lot better. It is so campy, it is right up there with "Fancy" and other camp classics.

This just smacks of desperation... "here, I'll remind you I'm pretty-old-Hollywood-glamor-celebrity so you don't focus on the actual music."