Time favors the Valley Girl. When someone keeps using the words “like” or “you know” in a conversation, they’re actually telling you that they are paying attention to exactly what you’re saying and that they are not, in fact, a stupid person. Who knew!

New York dug into a new study from The Journal of Language and Social Psychology, which said the following:

The possible explanation for this association is that conscientious people are generally more thoughtful and aware of themselves and their surroundings. When having conversations with listeners, conscientious people use discourse markers, such as ‘I mean’ and ‘you know,’ to imply their desire to share or rephrase opinions to recipients. Thus it is expected that the use of discourse markers may be used to measure the degree to which people have thoughts to express.

So, like, maybe, like, give the likers, like, the benefit of this new research.

Image via Youtube.