According to Victoria Coren of The Observer, a survey of 1,000 British citizens has revealed that the words "I Love You" have a monetary value of 163,424 pounds, or roughly 267,000 dollars.

The poll, taken by an organization called BrainJuicer, determined the monetary value of certain phrases by first asking Brits to discuss "the happiness inspired by 'significant life events'" and then comparing the happiness attached to said events with the levels of happiness connected to recent lottery winners. It all sounds...a bit shady. But there are a few interesting results: saying "I Love You" is worth significantly more, monetarily at least, than "making love" (£105,210) and "going on holiday" (£91,759), and is even worth more than "being in a stable relationship" (£154,849). So perhaps we'd rather hear "I love you" than go on a romantic whirlwind vacation with a significant other, or some such.

So what say you, commenters? Do you think a price can be attached to a phrase? And do you think you could come up with a few phrase appraisals of your own?