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Say Hello to Ella, Stella and the Strangest Christmas Song Cover Ever

There are twins. And there's hair, so much hair. And there's something that can't quite be described as dancing and something that can't quite be described as a costume. And there's Sizzle. Oh god, so much Sizzle.


Unearthed by Christian Nightmares and shared far and wide by Uproxx, this video is perfection in every sense of the word. From the introduction, to the hosts' perfect hair and TV makeup, and then right down to Ella and Stella's eye contact and hand movements. This couldn't really be called choreography, but it's certainly something. The spirit, it's clear, is very, very willing, but the range of motion might be weak. And yet Ella and Stella's passion, their passion, shines through like a dayglo tank beneath a mesh unitard.

You won't know why you pressed play, but you'll never, ever want this to stop.

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