Images via Instagram

If you ever need to quell the tornado of anxiety and emotion that regularly wreaks havoc on your brain and don’t want to use drugs to do it, look no further than the “inking” tag on Instagram. It’s Bob Ross for the digital media age.

Earlier today, I was checking artist Tuesday Bassen’s Instagram for updates on her plagiarism saga with Zara and found this video:


Was that... a tingle in my spine? Why did it suddenly feel like my mind was wrapped in velvet? And, my god, did I feel okay for a full 10 seconds? Whatever was happening, I had to chase this feeling.

Searching “inking” on Instagram, I found this:

And this:


And this and this and this.

Much like calligraphy videos, these clips are calming, meticulous, and maybe even hypnotizing.


Question for you ASMR enthusiasts out there: Is this how you feel all the time?