Saturday Night Social: The Very Special Supermoon Edition

Before Parks & Recreation's Aubry Plaza was famous, she made a Teen Wolf parody trailer called Teen Hag, and this is what's going to happen to all of us tonight, because it's Cinco De Supermoon Derby Saturday Night, and the feeling's right. A little overcast, but mostly right. Look at the huge moon tonight, scream at it, and tell me how you feel in the morning!

"I bought new lingerie for the Soup-R-Moon!!" I told Jessica Coen over chat this morning, and even though it was over chat I felt her look at me weird.

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So Jezzies, who's up for talking about blowjobs?

ETA: How does anyone manage to spit at the end? There's too much! Would it not be handier to direct the penis into an open receptacle which could hold the volume. Has no one thought of that.