Saturday Night Social: The Only Correct Way to Count Down to Christmas Is With Earwax Removal

Because the internet has broken my brain, I think the only way to countdown to Christmas is with ear wax removal. Specifically, the videos from Rhys Barber and his wife, Leah Morris-Barber. Together they form Audiology Associates LTD and have posted more than 200 ear wax removal videos with his velvety smooth voice.

This year, the pair have been making 12 Days of Waxmas Ear Wax Removal videos, and they are so soothing. I have watched each one like 12 times, and occasionally just listen to this man talk because what can truly go wrong when this very calming voice.

What is soothing you before the holiday week?

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Krispy Porkchops

Shelter Cat Update!

Big News tonight, folks! Read on!

Adoptions! Johnny Rose, he of the Softest Fur Ever, went to his forever home. And Carlos and Jose, abandoned as kittens, also went to their forever home!

Our FIV kittens, Ike and Ichabod, who were adopted, were replaced with....FIV kittens! We welcomed Tia and Tamera to The Blue Unit. And they arw two feisty tortis! I learned to recognize them as “Mask Face,” because Tamera looks like she’s weari g a mask, and “Split Face,” because the coloration on Tia’s face seems to split it in two.

Weeks and weeks ago, I introduced the Musician Kittens: James Taylor (Black), Carly Simon (Blue and White), Carole King (Torti) and Joni Mitchell (Torti). You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned them since. That’s because two things happened: Joni was adopted, and That room has been under quarantine for one thing or another this whole time.

Until now. The musicians are back, baby, and they’re back with a vengeance!! And just as feisty as the first time I met them. Check these kitties out!

Seducing You With His Best Cutie Pie Look Bruce.

Max is usually asleep when I walk by his room, but this time he called out to me as I was about to leave his section. Good thing I heard him, because we enjoyed a very pleasureable tummy rub and biscuit-making session.

Merlot is tied with every other contender for My Favorite Black Cat in the Shelter.

His new roommate. George, is already rumored to be going to his forever home soon.

The quarantine was lifted! No more clostridium and giardia in Granger’s room! Guthrie was very happy to enjoy some cuddles.

And remember Dash’s overtures to Mistletoe? Last week, she wanted nothing to do with him. This week: Power Couple.

More kittens! Crybaby (front) and Sylvester (back).

Their sister, Janice, was more restless, She immediately sought out my glasses, just like Decima the blind kitten used to do.

And look! No shoes! That means nice yummy feet to chew on!

My most favorite cuddle bugs, Erle Stanley and Sundance, at it again.

Disappointed In The failure Of His Cutie Pie Pose Bruce.

What Is This Supposed To Be Bruce.

But I Ordered A Limo Bruce.

Onboarding With Assistance Bruce.

I Like The Open-Air Feature But Where Is The Snack Bar Bruce.

Yes, Jezzies, it has happened. After almost a year, Bruce was adopted. This has been in the works for some time, and I have kept quiet because I didn’t want to jinx it. Bruce has known his human for some time - this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment meet-and-adopt event. Bruce adores his human, and the feeling is mutual.

I wrapped up his purple mousie earlier this week and hid it away until it was time for him to go. I also stole his favorite rug out of another room, took it home and washed it for him.

Bruce has moved on, but I am optimistic that this is not the last we will see of him. His human has promised to send update pics periodically so we can check in with him.