It's another Saturday and another opportunity for us to honor a national treasure while getting good and sloshed on a large cup of alcohol or a delicious non-alcoholic beverage of your choosing. (Okay, some of you may be using glasses.) (I am not. Mugs of Vodka all the way!)

Tonight we honor Angela Lansbury, who wowed the world with her portrayal of Auntie Mame, delighted children (and adults) in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and somehow talked criminals into giving themselves up with no muss, fuss, or attitude as Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. (The entire series is available on netflix and is an amazing use of your time.) And she's done it all with class, grace, and the kind of humility that many of us wish we could project out into the world (instead of screaming "I AM THE BEST! THIS IS ME NOW!" whenever we do something mildly impressive, like finish a jigsaw.) (That might just be me.)


In related news, Saturday Night Live returns tonight with Host Louis C.K. and musical guest Sam Smith.

Discuss anything and everything in the comments below and have a fantastic Saturday night!

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