A few weeks ago, I binge-watched—and really enjoyed!—both seasons of Master Of None. There were two paramount results. First: after years of being primarily fixated on Evan Rachel Wood and Kristen Stewart, Aziz Ansari is now the only male celebrity to whom I am attracted. Secondly, I have not stopped listening to “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Soft Cell.

If you haven’t seen the show, or haven’t replayed the scene in which the song plays ad infinitum (not that I have—how totally weird would that be?!), let me set the scene. Ansari’s character, Dev is sharing an Uber with a friend after a night out, and her stop arrives before his. Dev has just begun to grapple with some difficult feelings regarding this woman, so the remainder of the car ride is both agitated and somber. What’s spectacular about the scene is that we remain with Dev for the rest of the ride—and by cinematic standards it’s not a short one. Soft Cell’s song begins to play as the driver continues on to Dev’s apartment and, in a single, aching—almost uncomfortable—take, we watch him silently turn over the night’s events, considering what he wants, and what seems out of reach.


It’s lonesome and perfectly gorgeous. And most of us have probably endured a similar car ride.

Anyway, I’ve driven everyone in my life to distraction by obsessing over this song, which suits the scene in the best way. Now I share it with all of you. Have a listen as you settle in for tonight’s open thread. Happy Saturday, babes!