I have a rag doll and he was skittish at first too. He was always hiding in the closet or under the bed. I had a cat toy like Da Bird, basically feathers in a line attached to a stick and enticed him to come out into the living room. Eventually he became comfortable in the other rooms of the house. I also laid on the floor and talked to him a lot when he was under the bed etc. and he eventually came around. He is still not a lap cat but is very funny, loving and affectionate. Be patient. You'll get out of it what you put into it.

Saturday Night Social: Lorrie Morgan Debuts At The Grand Ole Opry

On this day in 1973, country music superstar Lorrie Morgan gave her first performance at the age of 13, at the Grand Ole Opry. (THIRTEEN! Wow. At 13, it was considered a miracle in my family I had mastered using safety scissors without practically dismembering yet another finger, lol!) She sang a song called"Paper Roses" at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, which is where the Opry was located until it moved in 1974. Her father was country legend George Morgan; listen to her talk about him and sing a little of the song here in a clip from years later:

Thanks y'all for another great day of blogging. I have to go now, because I am "house-sitting" for Callie Beusman tonight. And by "house-sitting," I mean, I'm going to break into her house while she's out at some Christmas party and drink all her vodka and look for personal family mementos to sell on Ebay. Because that's how colleagues look out for one another. See you back here for the SNL Open Thread later tonight!