Saturday Night Social: It's Dance In A Broken Fire Hydrant O'Clock

It hit 98 degrees in New York today, and "Your Sweetness" by late-80s R&B trio The Good Girls is is a great Sweaty Summer Retro Jam. Also a great Getting Ready For A Date And Hoping Your Makeup Doesn't Melt Off Jam. Drink water!


I leave you to the rest of your weekend with yet another unsolicited picture of my kitten. Gbaiz!

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So I haven't been on Jezebel much since The Change, but I have to tell you all about the possible public body-shaming I received at Sesame Place last week! I was there with my husband and 3 year old, and I'm 7 months pregnant. I'm wearing a bikini, because I have no patience to tug a tankini top over my tummy all day, and I'm not due till Sept so I don't think any top would hold me anyway! And I'm not a small person, even before I got pregnant.

We're standing in line for the lazy river, and this very thin woman (maybe 30s) behind me is talking to her mom about how she's not sure she "should be" wearing a bikini and she feels self-conscious. And her mom says, "Well, I mean, look at what's standing in front of you!" Meaning me.

Now there are two ways to take this: either she meant "Look, anyone can feel comfortable in a bikini, even that huge pregnant lady!" or "You shouldn't feel bad; look at this cow in front of you flaunting her rolls and varicose veins!" I strongly suspect the latter, because they both looked like the type of woman who is shocked when anyone over a size 10 dares to show herself in public. It didn't really bother me too much; it was just a little startling for someone to use you as an example of disgustingness, right within earshot. I know heavier women deal with this shit every day!