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Saturday Night Social: Hosted By the Happiest Pig

Happy Liberation Day to this pig! The barn doors are open, the birds are chirping, and this sow and her piglets are feeling the wind flapping through their ears for the first time. Watch the full video on loop and take in the simple joys of running and eating and pooping and running and itching your butt and checking to see what fun stuff is in the dirt.

This comes from Viva!, a UK-based vegan charity, and the animal sanctuary Dean Farm Trust. They provide us with plenty of footage of rolling in hay, belly rubs from humans, and being wrapped in enormous towels, an activity that humans and pigs can both enjoy. It is a liberty which I will appreciate more, thanks to this image.


Happy Saturday!

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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Husband’s boss wants us to move to Vancouver. Currently we live in a smaller place, ten hours north. There are pros. My brother is in that area. Most of our parents are a ferry ride away on the island. They aren’t getting any younger. And the big bonus - boss intends on buying us a goddam house to live in. The plan is to sign it over to us as a retention bonus after a number of years. Being Vancouver, this is at least a million dollar bonus one day. Plus no mortgage in the meantime.

You are thinking don’t be a fucking idiot.

Cons: We HATE living in big cities. We don’t even like visiting for more than a week. We love where we are right now. My husband likes to hunt and fish and dirt bike and chop wood. I have my dance studio and my book club. The kids have their best friends. And then the big one for cons: we have the best neighbours ever in the history of time. We do everything together. My mom friend next door is actually taking holiday time to help me when my baby is born. We are like family. Our kids are like extended siblings. I cry when I think about leaving them.

Omg. Use extra cash to visit often?