Saturday Night Social: Feels Like There's Room For More Nuns Here

Screenshot: @SrBethanyFSP (Twitter)

Last week’s Saturday Night Social was heavy, so I’m bringing back a fun internet video tonight. It’s of these nuns from the Daughters of St. Paul, who call themselves the #MediaNuns on Twitter.

There’s this great video of them arriving at the airport. I’m calling it: There are not enough nuns here. We need more nuns to pop out of his giant van.


How many nuns do you think should fit in there? I think at least 20 nuns should fit in this van. What is your belief in the nun-to-van ratio?

I hope this video gives you some levity to close out this week. How is everyone preparing for the coming week that’s likely to include an impeachment vote, maybe no Democratic primary debate, and I’m sure some other fresh hell? How are you preparing for this coming week?

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