Saturday Night Social: Don't Forget Overshadowed Birthdays

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It's just dumb luck if your birthday happens to coincide with a major holiday like Christmas or Arbor Day, but when it's overlooked because of a middling holiday invented by boozy Catholics who wanted a plausible excuse to cheat during Lent, well, that seems downright unfair. Before you start brushing the green dye out of your teeth this evening, be sure to celebrate some of the notable people born on this, the day that St. Patrick greedily stole from them: Nat King Cole (1919), Rob Lowe (1964), Alexander McQueen (1969), Mia Hamm (1972), Nicole "Coco" Austin (1979), and noted American serial killer, John Wayne Gacy (1942).

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Hung out with one of my friends and her roughly 14 month old son last night. He's learned how to say exactly three words "Mama", "Dada" and "Putain." While his mother is not thrilled at all with his only word other than mom and dad being a swear word it was ridiculously adorable to watch a toddler run around a bar/cafe gleefully and innocently saying "Putain!" with a smile on his face to every person he engaged with (all of us either giggling or trying to stifle giggles while he did so.)