Saturday Night Social: Diddy Cropped Kendall and Kylie Jenner Out of a Met Gala Photo

Just cause you smoke and take a selfie together in the bathroom of the Metropolitan Museum at the fanciest party of the year doesn’t mean you gotta be friends or respect one another.

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As you can see from the above tweet, Twitter user Essie Michelle sleuthed an excellent celebrity cropping moment on Friday night when she noticed that this Kylie Jenner Instagram shot from the Met Gala:


showed up on Diddy’s Instagram looking like this, and with a new caption to boot:


No word yet on whether Kylie and Kendall’s arms were photoshopped onto their bodies in the first place (why do their fingers look so long?).

So yeah, chew on that, and enjoy your weekends! Monday is for cropping, filtering, untagging.


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