Image: Rascal Deux; No Filter (Sonoma-Marin Fair)

After hours of idly scrolling through the perfectly symmetrical unblemished butts of Instagram in search of content, the slideshow of World’s Ugliest Dog 2018 contestants revives the spirit and fills the heart with joy. Tonight the tastemakers of the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California will crown a winner, but really, all dogs are champions.

Image: Wild Thang (Sonoma-Marin Fair)
Image: Zsa Zsa (Sonoma-Marin Fair)
Image: Rico Alexander Valenzuela’s “sideways crab-like sexy walk” is an edge (Sonoma-Marin Fair)


Image: Himisaboo (Sonoma-Marin Fair)
Image: Mrs. Kravitz (Sonoma-Marin Fair)


Image: “Zombie Dog” Charlie (Sonoma-Marin Fair)

Happy Saturday!