Saturday Night Social: Adam Rippon Will Sashay, But In My Heart, Shantay

There are two kinds of winners in this life: there’s the kind who wins by quads with triple-toe loops. And then there’s the kind who summons his soul from his mortal flesh to perform a men’s free skate program so tender and graceful that, when Johnny Weir says in hushed voiceover–“he’s portraying a bird with a broken wing,” you take that statement 100% seriouslyyet simultaneously keeps it sassy and relatable on Twitter, so that you feel this Olympic athlete really represents me.


That person is Adam Rippon.

Last night’s free skate performance was breathtaking, but unfortunately it’s not in an embeddable social media post (go over to NBC). So instead check out the above Adam Rippon tribute by Drag Race star Milk. Cheers to Adam Rippon: artist, bitch glamazon, America’s good side, someday Ru Paul guest judge, and overall people’s hero.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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I had a baby you guys! She was born on February 14th, she’s a hilariously good baby and my c-section recovery has been a freaking dream. We’re already home after only 2 days in the hospital! Here’s a picture because I’m dying to show her off!