Saturday Night Social

And that's a wrap! Settle on in and hang out here for the night, by all means — the door's open. I'll leave you with my favorite getting-ready-to-go-out-pump-up song. Incidentally, it's also my favorite stay-in-and-get-pumped-up song. Enjoy!


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Jez-sisters... I need a virtual hug. After months of every friend and family member i have telling me that i am in a emotionally abusive relationship... I am listening. Even though we have a house on the beach, a dog, a whole life together... And i have this diamond engagement ring on my finger- I am smart enough to know my entire family & friends cannot all, collectively be wrong.

I hopped on a plane and i am headed for my hometown. I have no money, no job, and all my clothes are in a closet I will (hopefully) never return to. I feel like the most selfish piece of shit for sneaking out and running but all my attempt at leaving gracefully were thwarted. I'm too weak, right now, to overcome the manipulation or do anything but crumble when he cries or tells me that i leaving him alone. It kills me that i know he will have a hard time trusting again. Get I know that it is killing me to he controlled and told I am negative and a huge flirt and all these things that i am not.

If i didn't leave now, i think I would have a dark place and stayed there.

If you see a girl in sweatpants and dishevelled hair walking around the airport... Give her a hug & tell her to be strong.