Saturday Night Live Sketch Tries to Prove That God Is Definitely a Boob Man

A recent Saturday Night Live sketch has now given us all an excuse to irritate our conservative drunk uncles at the dinner table during the next upcoming major holiday. “God is gay,” we can now all say, “also, pass the salt, please?”


Based in part on professional homophobe and Christmas sweater fashionista Kim Davis, as well as the recent God’s Not Dead sequel, “God is a Boob Man” is an excellent primer for how pointedly absurd proposing legislation based on the idea of “religious liberty” actually is.

(By the way, the legitimate genius who decided to title a fake Kim Davis movie Angel in Denim gets all of the cookies and five gold stars, because if the Canadian tuxedos I wear don’t scream “alpha and omega of lesbianism,” I don’t know what does.)

The sketch starts off with a pretty familiar story: a fundamentalist Christian baker named Bethany is asked to make a cake for a wedding, which she soon finds out is a gay affair, to say the least. After the couple Bethany refuses service to sues her for her discrimination, Bethany soon finds herself in the Supreme Court, defending the sexuality of God.

The release of the sketch comes only a few days after North Carolina governor Pat McCrory signed an executive order countering certain measures passed in a piece of anti-LGBT legislation known as HB2. The original bill, like many religious liberty laws that politicians have tried to pass before it, made it legal for state residents to deny both queer and trans people services and entry into certain facilities.

“They say we’re bigots, but Christians are the most oppressed group in this country,” Vanessa Bayer’s character says in the skit, like many a Davis clone before her. “But I’m going to prove once and for all that God is straight.”

You go fight that non-existent gay mafia and their Jewish lawyers, Bethany. You go fight it.

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I actually taped SNL last night because I figured I’d get Kate McKinnon’s Hillary since there was a debate this week (which I religiously did NOT watch) and this skit was the best. Of course, they didn’t go as far as Key & Peele went, but A for effort...