Saturday Evening Social: Get Thee to a Karaoke Bar!

Well, here we are: it’s finally Saturday night. And I don’t know about you, but I’m long overdue for a night of karaoke shenanigans. I’ve been making a note of all the songs I plan to butcher the next time someone puts a mic in my hand, and “Alone” by Heart is probably top on the list.

That said, I’m always searching for new inspiration—and I’m sure most of you are, too—so I hope you all will share your favorite karaoke tunes in the comments. Let’s make a playlist to put all others to shame!

Have a lovely evening, Jezzies — I’ll see you back here soon.

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Major Lazer Power Blazer

i have the worst fucking cramps!!!!!! and because it’s the first day of my period i’m allowing myself a cheat day on my diet (which as of today ive lost 12 pounds)

i made some pretty amazing chicken fajitas. im teaching myself to cook as part of losing weight because i dont eat out anymore. it’s not too hard!

what do you guys like to cook that is healthy?