Saturated Fat Makes Us Dumber

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As it turns out, nomming on the occasional delicious, saturated fatty acid animal product is even worse for us than we thought it was. Not only do foods that are high in saturated fat (e.g. red meat, butter, whole-fat milk and cream, cheeses, etc.) clog the arteries and dramatically increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, but a new study in Annals Of Neurology, reported by The Atlantic, says that the consumption of saturated fat has a deleterious effect on the brain, thanks to the study of 6,000 women over the age of 65. It wasn't the total amount of fat consumed, but the type of fat that effected women's memory; during the four-year data collection period, women who ate nonsaturated/healthier types of fat, like the olive-oil based kind, scored higher on cognitive function tests. The jury is still out on whether it effects men in a similar way.


'Ditching Saturated Fats Could Improve Memory and Cognition' [The Atlantic]

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On the one hand I love cheese...but on the other hand I really value my current level of cognitive function. Funny how nutritional studies take me from "reasonable person who knows how to read research" to "PANIC NO MORE FAT EVER! NO FOOD EVER!" I mean the study looks like it was well conducted and I can't find fault with the methods section. Why must the universe make me choose between delicious amazing cheese and being mentally spry?