Miley offering you a toke? Say no! Want to get someone to leave you alone? Stop answering their texts! With a sharp wit and a thirst for speed, there's nothing this grandma can't do. Except rap. Sorry, she's forgotten how.


YouTuber Kevin Droniak has been secretly filming his grandma in her car for two years. During that time, his grandma has been answering questions from her fans believing they were Droniak's friends, giving life advice and believing that Miley Cyrus was her grandson's no-good friend who he should stop talking to because she does drugs and posts too many photos. God, isn't that every friend we have, though? How are you going to tell me to just dump all my buddies, grandma?

Recently, Droniak revealed to his grandma that he'd been recording her all along. And the same woman who had warned his friends that they were "going to end up on youtube" found herself in the same position. Of course, she took the whole thing very well (except she's worried the police are watching), and she's going to continue making videos for you. But we all know it'll be a little different, a little bit more forced, a little bet less "fun." It was nice while it lasted, grandma. I wish we could all have one just like you in our lives.

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