Sarah Silverman Is Back With a New Variety Show

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On Thursday, Sarah Silverman made an appearance at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour to announce her new show on Hulu, I Love You, America. Don’t worry, she says it’ll be “aggressively dumb.”


The Hollywood Reporter says Silverman wants this show to “bring people together” in its ten-episode run. Okay, good luck with that.

“We pitched it, saying, ‘With this show, I’m hoping to connect with un-likeminded people.’ And networks went crazy because they haven’t heard anything like that before,” the comic said of the weekly show, which will tape on Tuesdays and air on Thursdays.

Silverman and executive producer Adam McKay, who also spoke to the panel, didn’t exactly clear up what the show is about. They claim it won’t be political or about politics, except by “virtue of it being made in this period of time.” Everything we do is political in 2017. I’m not wearing pants right now, and that’s a political act.

The format for I Love You, America will be similar to a late-night talk show, with a monologue, set pieces, and field pieces. In place of a house band, Silverman will be interacting with a focus group of 12 people with different backgrounds, who will weigh in on her comedy in real time. The show’s thesis is “everybody wants to be loved,” and it is right there in the title. Yet Silverman says she plans to stay away from anything too serious or heavy, somehow:

“But what is really important is that it will be funny and silly and aggressively dumb, which is my favorite kind of comedy. And anything smart that’s in there will be served in a big, fat, bread-y sandwich of super, super dumb, because that’s how I like my comedy.”

Sarah Silverman has a deft way of making the unpalatable funny, so if she can come up with weekly bits to address the divisiveness in our country (perhaps something about farts?!), then more power to her.

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It’s been fun watching her grow up in the comedy world and in many ways, I’ve grown up a lot too. Her latest Netflix special was extremely smart & funny, as have been her recent string of interviews. Looking forward to seeing this show and more of Sarah.