Sarah Palin's New Calling: Helping Anti-Abortion Efforts In America?

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Ever since Sarah Palin's resignation and accompanying assertion that she'll continue to contribute to the political discourse in this country, many have speculated about her next move. The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel has a new (and scary) theory.


Weigel notes that one of the few events Palin attended outside of Alaska — which included a celebration of Lincoln Secretary of State Seward, a Republican fundraiser and an event for disabled children — and the event at which Palin made her post-candidacy debut, was at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life Committee in Evansville, Indiana. (And, in case you're inclined to think Evansville is a big town, I've actually been there and can assure you it is not.) Of the public statements she's made on national policy issues (as opposed to defending her children), Weigel points out that she weighed in on, of all things, Obama's Notre Dame commencement speech, aka the pet project of the anti-abortion movement this spring.

Could this mean that the public role she's poised to take isn't as a Fox News commentator, 2012 Presidential candidate or monied speechmaker, but as the biggest boon to an anti-abortion movement better known for the likes of Randall Terry, Lesley Unruh and Jill Stanek? Weigel and plenty of anti-abortion activists think so.

Anti-abortion activists, who embraced Palin after the birth of Trig and after the unmarried pregnancy of Palin's daughter Bristol, are ecstatic about the possibility that Palin, freed from the duties and turmoils of office, could become a historic leader and spokeswoman for their cause.

"Sarah Palin is the ultimate speaker on pro-life issues," said Jane Abraham, a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party who co-founded Team Sarah, a project of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List that supports anti-abortion female candidates. "We surpassed 70,000 members over the weekend, after her speech. People respond to her. She's absolutely the most effective advocate the pro-life movement could have."

She's got a compelling personal-choice story and is a mint for conservative causes.

And the anti-abortion movement is certainly not above making women its face, even when the leadership is mostly male.


According to Gary Bauer, the former president of the Family Research Council who now leads the conservative American Values, Palin's gender and personal experiences would make her a "fantastic" leader in the anti-abortion movement. "A woman making the argument that this is not something that should be a right, but rather that it's a disaster for women, is a much more powerful voice than somebody like myself, for example." Bauer recalled that when he led the FRC, he "set out to find as many pro-life young women as I could. When there were opportunities to give them media appearances, I did."


What a surprise that the anti-abortion movement would seek to camouflage its male leadership behind a group of women! I think the technical phrase for that is "lipstick on a pig." Maybe while considering these offers, she'll finally realize what that means.

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