Andrew Sullivan brought our attention to this recently-produced video (embedded after the jump) that seeks to shine a little light on Sarah Palin's church, the Wasilla Assembly of God. It comes chock full of all the obvious things you're going to find when doing a video about a Pentacostalism in the United States โ€” speaking in tongues, talk of witchcraft, anti-abortion screeds and talk of God's will. You can see for yourself, but for me, all the scary music and secret cameras couldn't stop me from wondering: what good does this do?Click to view So, great. People in Sarah Palin's church behave much like the people in Chip Pickering's church in Borat. They think she's Esther! Alaska is shaped like a crown! They like to run things! They hate gay people, abortion and birth control because it might be preventing the implantation of fertilized embryos. Does anyone not know this stuff by now? Furthermore, what religion doesn't look sort of crazy from the outside? Catholics think they're eating the actual flesh of a dude that's been dead for nearly 2,000 years. Everyone outside of Islam likes to mock the 70 virgins things. Shakers didn't have sex in order to honor God. Religions are easy to mock and make look scary โ€” and doing so generally doesn't endear you to voters of other religions because everyone sort of knows implicitly that their religion looks weird to outsiders. The thing that Democrats have been trying hard to do for the last few years is to convince many independent-but-religious voters that they don't disrespect their beliefs, and Republicans love to play up the idea that liberals are anti-religion because it gets them votes. So, as much as it's interesting to watch some crazypants shit on the Internet about a religion to which I don't belong (which is all of them), I'm not sure that shit is really going to change anyone's mind. That said, I did like the "Jezebel" shout-out! "Break The Back Of The Enemy" [Andrew Sullivan via The Daily Beast]