Sarah Palin's BFFs: Decidedly Pro-Choice, Undecided On President

If your best friend was running for vice president, would you vote for her? Sarah Palin's BFFs aren't so sure. In the clip above, Good Morning America sits down with Sarah Palin's best friends of 15 years, a group of Alaska moms who call themselves the "Elite 6." Though one of the friends was inexplicably absent, three of the four women said they are pro-choice and only one is committed to voting for the Republican ticket in November. Is it a bad sign when you're polling better among strangers than the women with whom you've shared so many skinny white chocolate mochas?


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A Small Turnip

I have a tough time being friends with people I don't share basic political commonalities with. I wish I could, I really do. I worry that it makes me a petty and intolerant person, and I don't want to be either of those things. This may sound so stupid, but I really do worry about it.

I mean, there's enough variety amongst the details of my friends' political views to keep it lively. Certainly I can roll with fiscal conservativism, although it doesn't float my personal boat. But to be close friends with someone who passionately believes that homosexual relationships are inferior to heterosexual ones? Or that women should be denied the right to choose their own reproductive paths? Or that the U.S. government has the unassailable moral right to pre-emptively strike against any nation deemed untrustworthy?

I...I just don't think I could do it. How do you guys do it? Seriously. Do you avoid politics talk altogether? Quietly put those views in a little box while you're with those friends, and let them be? How do you become, and stay, friends with those whose political views you find abhorrent?