Sarah Palin's 8 Contradictions, Complaints & Inconsistencies On Oprah

During her Oprah interview earlier today, Sarah Palin spoke out on several issues, including sexism (it exists/doesn't exist), and the importance of choice (women should have the right to make choices/women should not have the right to choose abortion).


#1 Sexism
When asked about her much-publicized campaign wardrobe, Sarah said that the ensuing controversy was due to a double standard, because people don't give the same sort of grief to male candidates. She also said that women have to work just a little bit harder and face a few more challenges than their male counterparts. But later, when discussing how hard it might be to be Vice President (or President) and take care of five children, Sarah said that "things have changed…there's so much equality."

#2 Choice
Sarah, who is anti-choice, said that she believes that when women get abortions, they're taking the easy way out. But later, when discussing her career and ambition, she said it's all about "making the choices that are appropriate for you at the time."

#3 The Katie Couric Interview
When talking about the infamous Katie Couric interview, Sarah said that she was only scheduled to do one interview segment, and if it went well, she would be scheduled for more. Oprah then asked her why she did a second interview if she didn't believe the first went well, and Sarah said, "Well, it was scheduled."

#4 John McCain's Progressiveness
Sarah described her running mate as progressive and all about "equality and empowering women and the working class individual." But she later said the McCain campaign lost the election because their ticket "represented what was perceived as the status quo."

#5 Speaking Her Mind
Sarah told Oprah that she believes the campaign's efforts to force her to "stick to the script" and not "speak from the heart" were a detriment to their ticket. Later, she rejected the notion that not speaking her mind is what lost the election.

#6 Empowering Women
Supposedly, this is accomplished by not terminating pregnancies.

#7 Rumors
In an outtake of the interview, posted on Oprah's website, Sarah says that the "rumor" that she banned books from school libraries could've been so easily disproved, had the campaign allowed her, because Harry Potter hadn't even been written when she was mayor. Sarah, however, was mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2002. The first Harry Potter book was published in the U.S. in 1998, the second and third in 1999, and the fourth in 2000. Also: this. And this.

#8 Journalism
This one isn't so much a contradiction, as it is simply incorrect, or weird. Sarah has a journalism degree and has "journaled her whole life."

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fanny brice

So, a lot of you may disagree with me on this, but I feel it must be said. I really, really hated Sarah Palin at first. I thought it was the most idiotic thing in the world that McCain chose her and didn't think she did well in interviews. I didn't think she was intelligent at all.

I still don't think she was ever qualified to be VP. And now I realize that maybe that isn't totally her fault. Who in her position would *really* going to say no to being chosen as someone's running mate? I realize now that she was swept up into this huge GOP machine and she didn't know how to handle it. She wanted to stand up for her values and say what she wanted to say, but she had to fit an image. She wasn't prepared to deal with this. Yeah, it's part of the game, and she should have realized that. But it would be hard for me to "put up and shut up" too in that situation.

So, while I don't at all agree with her politics, or "values" or the way she carries them out, I understand that it was rough. I don't appreciate her complaining so much about the media, but I agree that the media is often tougher on female candidates for anything.

So that's...that's what I think. I also just smoked a little bit. #sarahpalinoprah