Sarah Palin: "We're Really Not Into The Drama"

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The Oprah Winfrey Show has released two short clips from its Sarah Palin interview, which airs Monday — the day before her book comes out — and from the looks of it, Palin has brushed up on the media training.


Sporting a ferocious blow out and newly bright highlights, Palin comes off as polished, gracious, and even a little self aware.

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Winfrey asks Palin if she thought the interview with Katie Couric was a "seminal defining moment" for her.

Palin: I did not. And neither did the campaign. In fact, that is why Segment 2 and 3 and 4 and maybe 5 were scheduled. The campaign said, right on. Good. You're showing your independence. This is what America needs to see and it was a good interview. And of course I'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, I don't know what a bad interview is because I knew it was a bad interview.


She also implies that she would invite Levi Johnston to Thanksgiving dinner, if only he would "even consider such a thing—he is part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing."

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But perhaps most important to anyone looking for signs of Palin's political intentions is the fact that she was clearly coached to de-emphasize her soap-operatic personal life and play up some sort of work ethic:

"We don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. We're not really into the drama. We don't really like that. We're more productive. We have other things to concentrate on..."

Fair enough. But early word on Palin's book, Going Rogue, suggests that the stuff of actual policy isn't top among the things Palin is concentrating on. According to Marc Halperin, "Don't look for hefty policy prescriptions."

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Erin Gloria Ryan

She went to the hairstylist and was like, this is the look I'm going for.

And the stylist was all, whatever you say, Sar-vira. #oprahwinfrey