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Sarah Palin Warns Of Pro-Choice "Mind-Set"

Illustration for article titled Sarah Palin Warns Of Pro-Choice Mind-Set

According to Politico, Sarah Palin held a fundraiser in West Allis, Wisconsin last night and attempted to convince thousands of supporters that legislators with pro-choice views might have "the mindset" that leads them to deny insurance coverage for the elderly.


You see, in Palin's eyes, anyone who supports a woman's right to choose apparently might have "the mind-set" that allows them to pull the plug on Grandma or force women to terminate pregnancies if the baby is not, in Palin's words "normal or perfect." It is, of course, another attempt on Palin's behalf to scare the shit out of people with her "death panel" nonsense, and her attempt to step it up a notch by tying in her stance on abortion rights (or, rather, lack thereof) just makes things more repulsive. "In order to save government money, government health care has to be rationed," Palin told the crowd, "[so] than this elderly person that perhaps could be seen as costing taxpayers to pay for a non-productive life? Do you think our elderly will be first in line for limited health care?"

Palin also took the time to drop this laughable statement: "It is so bogus that society is sending a message right now and has been for probably the last 40 years that a woman isn't strong enough or smart enough to be able to pursue an education, a career and her rights and still let her baby live." You know what else is bogus? That Sarah Palin continues to position herself as a savior of women's rights when her entire platform essentially rests on taking them away.


Palin Rallies Thousands Of Abortion Supporters [Politico]

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This rhetoric makes me livid because it's flat out lying...and for whatever reason, it works.

And I'm so frustrated because it's almost impossible to convince anyone who thinks being Pro-Choice is anything like what she's saying that it's not. It's the polar opposite.

I absolutely do believe women are capable of doing those things, as long as there's a system in place that helps make that possible. But I also believe no woman should be forced to carry to term. Because I wouldn't want anyone to be forced to abort. Is that so hard to understand? That choice is about ALL of this? It's about being able to have an "imperfect" child without having to suffer for it? About not being forced to, but being able to choose to?

And to be frank, life at any cost is not, in my opinion, always the most compassionate view. There are birth defects, deformities, and congenital conditions that it is in every way a compassionate decision to terminate.

People can choose not to, but I'm tired of the idea that Pro-Choice is some kind of callous position.

Further, I want our elderly folks to be cared for. I'm sickened by the way we abandon them and are so afraid of that stage of life that we just shuffle off the responsibility. Being Pro-Choice hasn't hampered my ability to understand all the ethical nuances in both situations. And I'm disgusted that this woman would make such a suggestion.

It's just so wrong to to say these things. So wrong and awful and destructive. #sarahpalin