Sarah Palin Talked About Her Inevitable Divorce in Emails

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An email former Alaska governor Sarah Palin sent in 2007 under the subject line 'Marital Problems' appears to reveal that she felt that the notion of divorcing her husband Todd was not a matter of if, but when. But it was cc'ed to Todd. Weirdest, most awkward official First Couple fight ever?


Last summer, eleventy billion pages of Sarah Palin's boring emails were released by the state of Alaska, in accordance with a Freedom of Information Act request made by several media outlets after John McCain declared Palin his 2008 running mate. And yesterday, the last batch of Palingrams were unleashed upon the public. While the first set of messages were about as entertaining as watching someone try to fix a sink, the second set from her final months in office paint a different picture— one of strife, anger, and most of all, complaining.

Palin complained that she had to use her own money to defend herself against claims she and her family were acting unethically. She complained that people were complaining about her. She complained about the media she so desperately yearned to join (and eventually did). She complained about her marriage.

The "Marital Problems" message in question read, "So speaking of. .. If we, er, when we get a divorce, does that quell 'conflict of interest' accusations about BP?" It was sent to an aide and cc'ed to Todd.

This may be another case of Palin's brand of inept but self-satisfied sarcasm. After all, many a message released yesterday complained about ethical violations, and she may have been trying to say that it seems that the only way for her to get rid of those whiny constituents with their whining would be to get a divorce. Or maybe she and Todd were in a fight and she was trying to be mean. Who knows?

As The Hill points out, divorce rumors have been plaguing the Palins for almost as long as Jennifer Aniston's been tabloid-pregnant. In 2009, a spokesperson posted a note on Sarah's facebook page denying that the couple was divorcing. A similar denial was issued in 2010, when rumors swirled that Todd and Sarah had reached a $20 million divorce settlement.

If only her divorce from public life were something she also saw as inevitable.

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Montauk Monster

I am honestly surprised she was able to properly use "quell" in a sentence.