Sarah Palin Surprisingly Endearing In New Reality Show Clip

The Mama Grizzly That America Never Asked For normally makes me want to punch baby deer, but I was actually able to watch this clip from her upcoming reality show with the sound on. What. The. Fuck.

In the clip, Sarah attempts to scale a difficult peak in Denali in her native Alaska. Conspicuously lacking from Mountain Sarah is the smirky overconfidence and proud ignorance that characterizes her normal public persona; on the mountain, she's just someone's mom who is worried about falling. She's scared, she's unsure of herself, she's trying not to slip, and she's still making wisecracks about wanting to be a rock star. Watching her kind of reminded me of that time my family went on a whale watching boat and my mother got seasick.

I'd be totally disturbed by how this clip made me feel if in the side interviews she was equally as likable, but, alas, when she's back on autopilot, she's back to her weird Palin cadence.

Oh, well, Sarah. Liking you was fun while it lasted. Almost one whole minute.

Anyone interested in watching her attempt to remain politically relevant through reality TV can tune in when her show, creatively titled Sarah Palin's Alaska, airs on TLC on Sunday, November 14th.


Sarah Palin's Alaska: Rock Climber or Rock Star? [TLC]

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I think MoGlo just made the best push for this show TLC could have asked for.

I'm still not going to watch it but that's because I can't stand her or anything she's involved in, on principle