Sarah Palin Licks Hates The Truth

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  • Remember how Sarah Palin sold the governor's plane to save money? Well, to make up for it, she insisted on using the Public Safety Department's plane (the one for police missions and search and rescue) and used to get pissy when she couldn't just use it. As it was, she accounted for 20 percent of its time. [MSNBC]
  • By the way, her personal shopper is also the guy behind the Obama-Ayers robocalls she supposedly hates, and her vocal coach was expensed as a "Get Out The Vote" effort by the campaign. Is there anything she won't try to pull? [Huffington Post, Politico]
  • Radar is shopping a new movie idea to help turn out Jewish voters for McCain: Woody Palin. Dick jokes welcome. [Radar]
  • Speaking of dicks, McCain foreign policy hacks Jim Woolsey and Randy Scheunemann want you to believe that when al Qaeda operatives say they want McCain to win, they're trying to fool you, but when other terrorists support Obama, you should vote against terrorists. Up is the new down, people. [Washington Independent]
  • If you thought McCain wouldn't just casually drop the word "cunt" in front of a crowd, watch as he does it on stage. Even Cindy takes a step back, because that's what she usually does when he yells the word "cunt." [YouTube]
  • Speaking of, Michelle Bachmann is trying to use her Hardball appearance to raise money, possible because the RNC is pulling their money out of her race in the wake of her comments that liberals should be investigated for their un-American views. [Politico, Huffington Post]
  • And Ellen DeGeneres is not a fan of Sarah Palin's idea of getting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage or pretty much anything else Sarah Palin thinks about all the gay people she tolerates. Who is, really? [Huffington Post]

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Have you guys read the Dobson interview with her? Gah. I wanted to throw up!