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Sarah Palin Is "Not Gonna Be A Dictator And All This" About Alaska Senate Seat

Sarah Palin is like a scab: we want to ignore her but we can't stop picking at her! Rachel Maddow seems to feel the same way, and last night she addressed the possibility of a Senator Palin. Here's a brief recap: incumbent GOP Senator Ted Stevens, who's been convicted of 7 felonies, is ahead by 3,000 votes though there are 90,000 votes yet to be counted. If Stevens were to win, he would be forced to step down, and many speculate that Palin would either appoint herself to the vacant seat or run in a special election. So what does the Governor have to say about this hullabaloo? "The Alaskan voters have spoken and me not being a dictator won't be tellin' anybody what to do. A Governor, especially one that's not gonna be a dictator and all this, doesn't have control over that." The Governor doth protest too much! Clip above.Is 'Senator Palin' A Possibility? [The Rachel Maddow Show]


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Oh I love these incomprehensible things she says. Give her enough rope, and she will end up in a hole she can't paddle! Er, I mean, she'd going to be up a creek a day late and a dollar short in Egypt!