Sarah Palin Is Annoyed, And We Don't Care

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  • Sarah Palin is, like, so annoyed that Katie Couric, like, insisted on asking questions and talking about what she wanted to talk about instead of just letting Sarah bash Obama. Because that's how an "interview" works. To be fair, though, Palin had been on Fox News with Hannity first. [Huffington Post]
  • She was also really sad when she read the papers this morning and found out that the campaign was pulling out of Michigan. They didn't tell her in advance that they were pulling out or that they don't care what she thinks about the Big Boy campaign stuff. [Politico]
  • The United Steelworkers think he might be forced out of Pennsylvania, too. [Huffington Post]
  • In the mean time, though, they've got an ad featuring a quote from a Famous Person. It turns out that person is Peggy Noonan, but it does make her look completely in the tank for McCain, not that anyone cares about anyone being in the tank for anyone other than Obama. [Washington Post]
  • Now that California has seen how easy it is to get money from the government, they'd like $7 billion, please. [CNN]
  • Now that the government owns Fannie Mae, you can stop foreclosure by simply shooting yourself. Easy! [CNN]
  • President Bush already signed the bailout bill because actual fundamentals, like unemployment, of the economy continue to suck. [Washington Post, NY Times]
  • Oh, and if you thought it laughable that Sarah Palin can claim to have foreign policy experience by virtue of the fact that she can "see" Russia from your backyard, McCain advisor Richard Fontaine claimed John McCain got some fucking that Brazilian model way back in the day. Angela Merkel promptly vowed to never take her eyes off him is he gets elected. That Bush back massage was bad enough.[The Miami Herald]

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Oh God, actually being asked questions and expected to answer them in an interview, how annoying! Cry me a river, betch.

Ah, so his "lifetime of experience" in Latin America tells us what, exactly? That he was too busy chasing the muff around to ever bother to learn that Spain isn't a Latin American country?