Seeking "revenge" on William Shatner for his readings of Going Rogue on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, Sarah Palin showed up on the program herself last night to read a few excerpts from Shatner's autobiography. Clip after the jump.

The audience seemed thrilled that Palin was there, and her reading of Shatner's book, Up Till Now, went over quite well, particularly when she read lines like "boom! Taste my nightstick!" Palin seemed relaxed, confident, and clearly in control of the crowd, which isn't surprising, considering that her popularity has been growing as of late. It's fairly obvious that the whole thing was clearly designed to publicize both Palin's book and to continue her image overhaul as someone who is in on the joke, as opposed to being the joke, and judging by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction of the the Tonight Show crowd, her plan seems to be working just beautifully.

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