Last night, portions of Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin aired on ABC World News Tonight and Nightline. And he didn't lob softballs at her. In fact, one walked away from the interview clips with the distinct feeling that Charlie Gibson sort of despised his interview subject...and for good reason. Palin didn't even know what the Bush Doctrine was! (To be fair, neither did I, but I'm not looking to run this country.) Anyway, above, check out Charlie's awesome "zing!" moment, as well as Palin's Bush-ish pronunciation of the word "nuclear." After the jump, Charlie's "I'm not amused" faces, and Sarah's scared and sarcastic expressions.A lot of this interview reminded me of when I used to get grilled by teachers when I didn't do my homework the night before. But, like Palin, I was always pretty good on my feet, and mastered bullshitting at an early age to keep me out of the doghouse. You can read it on her face, though.

Charlie's like "Bish, plz."

She looked kind of frightened at times though.

He was all, "Are you kidding me?"


After a while, she wasn't so fond of him either.

This was my favorite, when Charlie broke the fourth wall and looked at America like, "C'mon, guys."