This morning, GMA aired part one of Barbara Walters' five-part interview with Sarah Palin. In it, Palin attacks McCain's campaign aides, talks about the "bullcrap" that's printed about her, and surprisingly, how she believes teens should use birth control.

Despite her abstinence-only stance, Palin tells Walters that she believes in birth control and wished her daughter Bristol had used it. Walters asks Palin if she had talked to her daughter about abstinence or birth control, and Palin says, "Yeah, and you know, it was just that assumption, like, 'Well, I'm glad you're not doing it, Bristol."

The biggest load of "bullcrap", however, is when Palin tells Walters that when Bristol told her she was pregnant, it was only the second time that Levi Johnston had been to the Palins' home and had a conversation with them.