Yes, the video you see before you is indeed one of those devastating ASPCA commercials. And now you’re tempting to press play, aren’t you? I know, I know — I’m cruel.


But for what it’s worth, Sarah McLachlan—the singer who appears in and whose melancholy warble haunts the commercial series—cannot handle them either. According to New York, she “admits that even though she is a primary figure in the sad-dog-face commercials...she cannot bring herself to watch them.”

During an interview with Makers, McLachlan confessed, “I can’t watch them. It just kills me.”


Marginally less tragic than her lonely critters commercials is the fact that many undereducated youngsters only know McLachlan because of them. Some, New York reports, allegedly refer to her as “that dog lady.” This will never do. If any of my readers are among the Sarah McLachlan uninitiated, please listen to this and this and this immediately. It’s ok — we’ll wait for you.

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