Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoes Reveal That She's Fiercely Really Into Fashion

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  • After much consideration I have decided that I do not care at all what the personal footwear choices of the Sex and the City stars say about their personalities. [LA Times]
  • Speaking of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker says that her son only wears his older cousin's hand-me-downs and has never been given new clothes, other than shoes. [US Weekly]
  • Another day, more people fired from ELLE. This time, on the dot-com side. Maybe Nina will give them jobs over at Marie Claire? [WWD, 1st item]
  • Rachel Zoe does not want to talk about being disinvited from the Met Costume Institute Gala thankyouverymuch. [US Weekly]
  • In case you were wondering, Cindy Crawford will be celebrating Mother's Day with breakfast in bed. [Reuters]
  • Christy Turlington, however, thinks that Mother's Day should be about activism and used as a platform for taking action against the AIDS crisis. [HuffPo]
  • Hilary Duff just loves being old: "I am so excited that I'm finally at an age where they want me on the cover!" says Duff regarding her turn in Allure. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Lancome and Uma Thurman: Suing one another. Good times in the cosmetics industry. [AP]
  • Chanel is opening an "ephemeral" boutique on London's Dover Street. Says Krazy Karl Lagerfeld, "The tone is at the same time post-modern and romantic. It integrates a delicate punk sophistication." [Vogue UK]
  • Rachel Zoe loves expensive shit. [NYDailyNews]
  • I don't care that she landed Johnny Depp, I still love Vanessa Paradis. [Sassybella]
  • Camper shoes; Now for the ladies. [Times of London]
  • Ginger Spice: Wears clothes from Topshop. [The Sun UK]


Sheer Debauchery

@dirtybee has lost her orgasm: I WISH I had hand-me-downs when I was a kid! No siblings at all or cousins (cousins came way later). So my mom would buy designer stuff for herself and I was lucky to get her to take me to K-mart. And since I was a little overweight as a kid she would buy me ugly boys jeans since it was easier than shopping for short/fat girls jeans. Thank goodness for the times grandma took me shopping!

I actually now enjoy 2nd hand and thrift stores. Amazing, the brands you can sometimes find super-cheap!

If I had a kid, I think I would at least try to hit outlet mall sales for some decent name-brand deals. I do a lot of shopping there for myself now.